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ABB IRC5 Programming and Operation Course

About This Course

Beneficial to programmers, operators and maintenance staff.

Instructor led online and physical classes with practical exercises.


On completion, participants will be able to perform:

Safe program operation
FlexPendant operation
Jog the robot with the Joystick
RAPID programming, editing, testing and reset
Appreciation of basic program structure and flow
Backup and Restore of system information

Requirements & Pre-requisites


14 Sections / 5 Days

Safe working practices
Emergency stops and recovery
Enabling device
Modes of operation and Safety interlocks
Brake release and Pinch points

Robot and external mechanical units
Control system, Operators panel and FlexPendant
Start up and Shut down procedures

Starting, stopping and stepwise program operation
The ‘Program editor’ and ‘Production’ windows
Manual and Automatic operation
Override speeds
Continuous & Cycle running modes
Debug menu and program reset and collision awareness

Joint axis and linear jogging
Tool orientation
Coordinate systems
Jog speed and incremental positioning

Error identification

The program Editor
Routines and program flow
Move instructions (MoveJ, MoveL and MoveC)
Editing Speed and Zone data
Modifying positions
Saving Programs

TCP theory and definition

Workobject theory and definition

Digital Inputs (WaitDI, WaitUntil)
Digital Outputs (Set, Reset, SetDO)
Waiting for time

Compact IF, IF Then...

Increment, Decrement, Clear
Assigning a value

TPWrite, TPErase, TPShow, TPReadNum, TPReadFK

Clock data, clock instructions and clock reading function

Program and System Modules
Backup and Restore

R12950.00 / Until Dec 2021

This Course Includes: