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ABB RobotStudio Offline Programming Course

About This Course

Beneficial to Programmers / integrators who require the fundamental knowledge of working with RobotStudio.

Instructor led online and physical classes with practical exercises.


On completion, participants will be able to perform:

Basic offline programming
Create a RobotStudio Simulation
Basic modelling
Transfer RAPID code to robot
Monitor performance using signal analyser
Use simulation events
Create smart components
Program with track motion and external axis positioner
Program a multimove simulation
Setup and program with conveyor tracking
Use tools to graphically enhance simulations
Use physics engine within simulations

Requirements & Pre-requisites


15 Sections / 5 days

Course content and material

RobotStudio Help files
Views, Tabs, Ribbons
Navigating the graphics window
Selection levels and snap modes

Attaching tools to robot arm
Methods of Jogging the robot
Importing and positioning solid geometry
Creating Tool and workobject coordinate data
Programming motions

Creating curves (splines) on models
Create targets and paths from geometries
Programming motions
Setting robot axis configuration and reachability
Collision detections

Showing zone data visualization
Optimising zone size and Asymmetrical zones

Create solid objects
Creating a mechanism
Mirroring geometries and paths

Compare programs and data
Transferring RAPID modules to robot

Monitoring robot performance and signals

Adding instructions to the station
simulation events using smart components and station

Creating basic Smart components

Programming with Track motion and Rotary Positioners

Path generation for coordinated motion between robots

Configuring robot system and mechanism for conveyor
Program robot to coordinate with conveyor’s motion

Tools for making simulations more realistic

Modelling flexible cables
Physics joints
Surface friction and gravity

R12950.00 / Until Dec 2021

This Course Includes: